Acrylic Plexiglass


Also called DIASEC mounting, the ACRYLIC PLEXIGLASS is the first system that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to Acrylic sheet. The Fine Art Print is face-mounted to Plexiglass and Back-Mounted to Aluminium Subframe ready to display in public places or private home. It is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process. My photograph are mounted to high exhibition standards without borders and eliminate the need for a traditional picture frame. 




Combining this with the light penetration and the refraction of clear Acrylic, it produces higher image definition, 3D looking, brilliant color and a fine detailed texture to photographic works. Diasec panels are backed with Dibond composite material, to reinforce the rigidity of the finished picture. All my Acrylic Diasec prints is equipped with a special aluminum back-frame that allows the work to be hanged on suitable wall hooks. The back-frame is hidden behind the artwork and leaves the picture floating in front of the wall.






To clean the DIASEC, ACRYLIC and PLEXIGLASS artworks, use a soft lint-free microfibre cloth with water and one drop of household dish-washing liquid. Never use solvents, household cleaning products, spirits, alkaline solutions or acids.




The Artwork standardly arrives with a wall-mount attached on the reverse. (depending of the size of the artworks) The system is easy to use; and the artwork can be securely hung right away. 



Since 2020, I started to use A Tamper-Proof Certificated, for my original artwork secured by Cryptography. We apply blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity and security to protect my creation. Records are encrypted and timestamped by the world’s most-trusted decentralized ledger. Certificates are easy to manage and can be shared or transferred at any time. Signed and sent by Email or Mail, you can print it, store it in your computer or mobile device, and  fix in the back of the Artwork.



What you are buying is not a product but a lifetime work of art, and for that reason we want the best for our collectors in term of guarantees. If you received your artwork damaged we will replace it with a new print. We will cover the cost of the production and shipment  from the laboratory to your residence. What we will need is a proof of the damage and the destruction of the original print or the returning of the entire damaged print, whichever is more convenient for you. 



If you are interested to add a white, natural or black gallery frame to it, please send us an email at