Sizes & Editions

All pieces featured in The Collection are original artworks created by Franck Bohbot. These pieces undergo production at top-tier photographic labs located in the US, Europe, and Asia, ensuring a museum-quality finish for each final artwork. Below, you'll find the formats and editions.


Size: 13x17 cm (5x7 inches)

Edition: Limited Time


Size: 30x45 cm (12x16 inches)

Edition Limited of 12


Size: 60x90 cm (24x36 inches)

Edition Limited of 8


Size: 100x150 cm (40x60 inches)

Edition Limited of 5


Size: 120x180 cm (47x71 inches)

Edition Limited of 3


Signed Certificate

A certificate will be provided either digitally or physically to your address. This certificate serves to authenticate the artwork and can be affixed behind the piece or kept safely for your records. If you have not received the certificate, please send an email to for assistance.