Mounting & Framing





The Glossy Acrylic delivers vibrant colors and a natural look. Enhancing the colors and safeguarding the artwork, a two-millimeter acrylic glass (plexiglass) plate is carefully applied to magnify and preserve your print. With meticulous application, we ensure a seamless finish, free from bubbles or cracks, guaranteeing long-lasting quality. Mounted onto an aluminum Dibond plate for superior support and protection, the art photograph is ready for display. 




Light and unbreakable, the matte acrylic glass (or plexiglas) layer protects the photo print made on Fine Art photographic paper while magnifying its finish. The matte plexi finish has no reflections, so it is the ideal solution for exhibiting your finest images for all to see, without parasitic reflections, particularly in an interior with strong natural light



The aluminum-finish photo prints exude elegance and contemporary charm, drawing viewers into your image to appreciate even the subtlest details. Using only the finest materials, every project begins with printing your photograph on Fine Art Fuji DPII Gloss (250 mg) paper, ensuring optimal print quality and vibrant colors. The gloss finish not only enhances color rendering but also provides protection against external elements such as humidity, dust, and UV rays.





Perfect for larger prints, the shadow-gap frame adds sophistication by creating the illusion of the artwork floating within the frame. With a subtle 15 mm offset, it lends a sense of weightlessness, particularly enhancing minimalist art prints. Supported by another frame, it hangs slightly away from the wall, boasting a 20 mm gap. This overall design adds unparalleled style to any interior.




Ideal for large formats, this finish exudes minimalist sophistication. It derives its elegance from the illusion of the artwork floating within, accentuated by a subtle 15 mm offset. This design choice adds a sense of levity, especially enhancing art photographic prints with minimalist lines. The frame is itself supported by another frame, hanging slightly away from the wall with a 20 mm gap. This contemporary design element elevates the overall style of your interior to new heights.